Alongside printing photos straight from your smartphone camera or social networks, you can use the Sprocket app to edit your snaps, with options to add filters or borders. And when it comes to the cameras and pictures, the brand name that comes to our mind is the Canon. Mini photo printer comparison between Canon Zoemini and HP Sprocket. Although portable photo printers such as the Sprocket and Zoemini are a fun way to print photos, they aren’t the cheapest way to print – far from it, in fact. Copyright All rights reserved, on Canon Zoemini vs HP Sprocket Portable Printers Spec Comparison, List of the Best Budget Laptops with Intel Core™ i5-10210U Processor, Xiaomi Amazfit T Rex vs GTR vs Stratos 3 – Specs Comparison, Budget LGA 1200 Motherboards – Intel Z490 for Core i5 10600K 10500K, Fix and Resolve Error Band is paired by other person Ask them to unpair it and try again, How to Connect Pair and Reset MI Band 2 In Android, How to Connect Your Jiofi Device To PC Using Through USB Tethering, How to Configure Yahoo Mail in Microsoft Outlook 2016, Best Budget B550 Motherboards For Ryzen 2 CPUs – 3600XT 3800XT, Up to 10 sheets of Canon ZINKTM photo paper + 1 Smartsheet, Up to 10 pages with the blue Print Quality Card. Typical price: £119.99 The app is more comprehensive than the Canon one, which can be good and bad thing. With the portable photo printers we’ve assessed, it would cost between 29p and a staggering 90p to print a photo. Of course, thermal printing has its limitations, and you cannot expect the high-resolution performance on the printed images as such. 3.24 in. More than 1 in 10 computer users putting security at risk by continuing to use Windows 7. You would need to download an app on your smartphone to be able to use it. 2nd place: Canon Zoemini mobil photo printer. You can print the images in a 2×3-inch size. You can understand more and change your cookies preferences here. Canon Zoemini Shop now at Amazon. It has all the basic requirements of a portable photo printer. Some of the features available on the Canon Zoemini photo printer includes: If you are looking for an option where you would be able to print your photos on the go and use them as stickers, the Canon Zoemini is an excellent option you can opt for. The Canon Zoemini is available in white, black or rose gold from Amazon UK for £119.99. Canon Zoemini review Typical price: £119.99 Canon's Zoemini is is the key competitor to HP's popular Sprocket. The print quality of your images is quite good and better than that you would find on most of the instant cameras. The Zoemini has a rather dour design compared with HP’s printer, but its app is well designed, and enables you to quickly and easily print photos. Interestingly, the Canon Ivy printer enjoys a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 and has over 76% positive reviews. The companion app is quite feature packed and offers you most of the features and functionalities you would look ahead to, as far as printing is concerned. They are small, which makes them easily portable. You can add filters, stickers or graphics, and then print the snaps on the same 2 x 3-inch paper as the Sprocket. Photo printer reviews – see the best full-size photo printers, all fully tested and available to buy, Typical price: £119.99 The HP Sprocket Photo Printer will print 2 x 3-inch photos directly from … Affiliate Disclosure: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. The printer is available in three different colors of black, rose gold (in pic) and white to choose from. We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising. Check on AmazonWell, Canon has its Selphy range of photo printers. 0.91 in. Printing photos are one of the essential aspects you would want to do while on tours and vacations. Yo… HP Sprocket Photo Printer. The Canon Zoemini Drucker convinces with its good print quality. We assume the above chart should have provided you with enough information on how do these two portable photo printers work and provide you access to a trouble-free functionality in printing your photos on the move. Similarly, the concept of printing brings us to think about HP (and their expensive ink). 0.74 in. However, Zink photo papers can be expensive, thanks to the high cost-per-photo. It weights just under 6 oz and it is designed to be carried around in a small case and carried alongside all other smart devices. FINTIE Protective Case for HP Sprocket Plus, Fujifilm Instax Mini Link, Canon Zoemini Photo Printer - Hard EVA Shockproof Portable Carrying Bag Storage Pouch, Rose Gold 4.7 out of 5 stars 99 £13.99 This allows printing without ink or cartridges. The HP Sprocket is popular because it matches an attractive design with fast photo printing on 2 x 3-inch paper that will develop almost instantly. The HP Sprocket Plus comes in a glossy white and rose-gold colour scheme H P have jumped on the instant photography bandwagon pretty late, … That includes the Polaroid, the HP and the earlier Canon model. Canon ve HP'nin ZINK teknolojisini kullanan, yani mürekkepsiz taşınabilir fotoğraf yazıcılarını karşılaştırıyoruz. You can even print your photos from your social media profiles or even from your phone gallery. The photo printer also comes with a micro USB cable and a single set of  Zink printable sheets. As you’ve been through my list of the best wireless photo printers, both HP Sprocket X7N07A and Canon IVY Rose Gold are top of the list. What makes it attractive to me is its portability and ease of use. It seems the older Zip is outshone by the newcomer in almost every sector, and both print to the similar paper types. Let us check out the two competing devices together. Sports headphones reviewed: which pair is best for you? The images are printed on ZINK paper as with the HP Sprocket and Polaroid ZIP. The Zoemini is the printer focussed at posing competition to the HP Sprocket, which is, in fact, the most popular compact photo printer you can give a thought to.Zoemini is primarily a photo printer that offers you compact and slim prints of your images in a credit card size form factor. Read our full verdict on the HP Sprocket and the Canon Zoemini, along with three other portable photo printers, in this in-depth guide. The compactness and pocketable design will make it an excellent option for travelers. Price per print: 50p. You can edit the photos on your phone and then send it to the printer. Canon Zoemini review: Features This printer’s similarity with HP’s first-generation Sprocket is striking, and probably not a coincidence. I'm really liking the results, what do you think? The portable printer lets you print your photos faster enough. If you’re keeping an eye on the costs, however, look elsewhere. The HP Sprocket is an excellent option for enhanced performance with its attractive design and faster printing performance. Canon already has the Selphy range of compact photo printers and the Zoemini is aimed squarely at challenging HP’s popular Sprocket (more on that below). edit your snaps, with options to add filters or borders. You can add filters, stickers or graphics, and then print the snaps on the same 2 x 3-inch … You would need to download an app on your smartphone to be able to use it. The images were printed by … The Sprocket and the Zoemini may appear to be similar in terms of what they offer, but these portable printers didn’t fare the same in our print quality assessment. Canon Zoemini vs HP Sprocket. Well, we found both the options living up to the expectation you may have. HP’s Sprocket is one of the most well-known mobile printers. You can work with it through the HP Sprocket app installed on your smartphone. And in some cases, these prints are not much bigger than a passport photo. Read our full verdict on the HP Sprocket and the Canon Zoemini, along with three other portable photo printers, in, Which? If you're looking for portability go with the Zip, it's small (but the HP Sprocket is smaller), it's fast (the Sprocket is faster) and even the charge on the Sprocket is better. It comes bundled with a pack of 10 sheets of Zink photo paper. 3.54 in. Well, Canon has its Selphy range of photo printers. Canon Zoemini vs Fujifilm Instax mini Link. Have you used any of the two photo printers outlined here? But are the HP Sprocket and Canon Zoemini worth your money? Or, you could use one of our Which? HP Sprocket Photo Printer The HP Sprocket looks almost exactly like the Polaroid ZIP model—it would be hard to tell them apart if you didn’t see the company’s logo on the printer. While the HP Sprocket comes with ZINK paper, HP has also partnered with Polaroid and LG for compatible papers for use on the printer. Just like its rival, you can print photos from your smartphone on 2x3-inch paper, as well as add filters, stickers or graphics. If you love having physical copies of your photos from social media, HP Sprocket is the one for you. The printer takes in the Zink paper and opts for an Inkless technology to print your images. To best understand the difference between the two competing products, here is a side by side comparison between the two printers. The quality of the photos is reasonable enough, and the companion app offers you a high degree of editing and customization options. You could print a larger 10 x 8-inch photo from a Best Buy photo printer for just 35p. The paper comes with a sticky back, and thus you can peel off the cover and use the printed images as a sticker or something similar. Recommended online photo printing services, Photobox, Snapfish and other photo services rated, The next generation of Samsung and Sony TVs revealed. Price per print: 52p. Canon Ivy's portraits look better (less sharp is good here), but prints lose detail in dark areas. They are an excellent alternative to the high end and expensive photo printers, and a uniquely fun way to print photos. By continuing to browse you consent to our use of cookies. PROS: Setting up and connecting to the printer was a breeze, as was installing the paper into the device. You can go with either of them. It fits perfectly in your backpack, purse, and even in your pocket. Recommended online photo printing services instead. We are here to give you good advise. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. The Zoemini is the printer focussed at posing competition to the HP Sprocket, which is, in fact, the most popular compact photo printer you can give a thought to. You can use Bluetooth and NFC connectivity to pair it up with your smartphone. The HP Sprocket has to date been the most popular portable printer, but it now has competition in the form of the Canon Zoemini, which launched in early September. Zink inkless printing technology is what would make it a trouble free performer. HP Sprocket Shop now at Amazon. I highly recommend that you should buy the HP Sprocket X7N07A portable photo printer for its lightweight and small footprint. The portability is what would make it a great choice. In this video I'm using the HP zink paper in the canon ivy. Weighing about six ounces, the HP Sprocket is light, compact, and portable. A compact design and a sturdy and durable design are a few other essential elements you would fall in love with. The regular HP Sprocket can only print 2×3-inch photos, while the larger HP Sprocket Plus can print 2.3×3.4-inch shots. Zoemini is primarily a photo printer that offers you compact and slim prints of your images in a credit card size form factor. So, here we are pitting Canon Zoemini vs HP Sprocket against one another. Is it worth a switch of paper? 3.24 in. Check out the comparison here. The Zoemini has a rather dour design compared with HP’s printer, but its app is well designed, and enables you to quickly and easily print photos. Canon already has the Selphy range of compact photo printers and the Zoemini is aimed squarely at challenging HP’s popular Sprocket (more on that below). HP Sprocket prints are a teensy bit higher res, better gradations of color, but slightly sepia-ish. Choose the one based on the features and functions and take the right step ahead. The HP Sprocket vs2 by all accounts produces nicer prints. When it comes to printers, the HP Sprocket 200 and the Canon IVY mini printers are among the few of most popular ones out there. Read on as we pit the Zoemini against the Sprocket and see whether a portable photo printer is the best way to print your snaps. Same quality/size prints now from a smaller printer. If you have, do share your thoughts and experiences with us for an enhanced experience. The HP Sprocket is a great entry-level model that is easy to use and perfect for beginners. A portable photo printer is a compact, sometimes even pocket-sized, device for printing fast photos. These are the two famous and most capable photo printers. Fujifilm Instax mini ... suggested HP Sprocket Canon Selphy CP1300 HP Sprocket Plus Polaroid ZIP HP Sprocket 200 Kodak Mini 2 Polaroid Mint Pocket Printer Kodak Smile Canon Square QX10 HP Sprocket. If you want fast and accessible photo printing, a portable photo printer is worth considering. Since both use the ZINK paper system, they have the same loading procedure, and in theory, the same photo quality. They use high-quality photo printers and will often give a discount for bulk orders. It can be a little expensive, and the image quality may not be up to your expectations. The printer comes with a rechargeable battery. Of course, they are not cheaper, especially given the price point of the paper you would have to opt for regularly. You all missed the point: "At 160 g and measuring only 118 x 82 x 19 mm, the Canon Zoemini is lighter and smaller than most comparable products." It uses the same ZINK Zero Ink technology that results in excellent photos that are water-resistant and have a special adhesive on the back. HP also has a Sprocket Plus that produces bigger prints. Canon Zoemini Shop now at Amazon. It can be indeed an excellent gift. Both using ZINK (Zero Ink) paper technology. LG's Popo range is rarer but seems best for colour and resolution (swear my one has beaten Selphy 4pass printer for colour accuracy on occasion). I bought these two models in … 0.74 in. Nov 10, 2018 - Canon and HP go head-to-head in the market for compact, portable and fun photo printers. However, it is just a portable photo printer; you cannot be assured that it offers you a great experience. While it can print your images without any need for an app, you can use the app for editing the images or converting them into collages or stickers. You can be assured of the instant photos on the move. The design is sturdy and durable enough for travel. HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer. The printer is available in three different color options. ABOVE: THE NEW HP SPROCKET NEXT TO THE IPHONE XS MAX. Canon Ivy uses blue smartsheet, while HP Sprocket uses orange Not only are these two portable printers convenient to use, but they also provide for a fun-filled activity since they’re perfect as keepsakes for family and friends, and they’re also great to use for … Your inputs will help our readers and us in making a perfect choice of the photo printer. 5.91 in. ... Canon Zoemini … Alternatively, see how other Canon photo printers and HP photo printers stack up in our expert printer reviews. We are passionate Tech Bloggers from the Industry with years of consulting experience. More so, it happens to be a compact printer – most of the times it fits into your pocket. Like the Canon, this uses ZINK™ technology and the paper has a sticky back. 2.95 in. At 3 x 4.5 inches, you can stow it in your bag or pocket and take it anywhere you go. HP’S Sprocket New Edition is a fun, highly portable photo printer aimed at students, backpackers and anyone who can’t bear to be away from a printer.

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