$11.99 $ 11. Call 800-727-8520 today for large quantity discounts. + N) 220-380/50-60 The textile industry uses a wide variety of machines to sew fabrics and make clothes, carpets and other textile goods that we use every day. Purpose: This machine is used for serging garment panels (for example: trouser panels serging) and for overedge stitch. Different Parts of Sewing Machine: Spool pin, Bobbin binder spindle, Bobbin winder stopper, Stitch width dial, Kornit’s Breeze pre-treats (binding agent) garments inside the t-shirt printing machine, which will add to the manual cleaning times that typically run well over an hour or two per week for maintenance. Service & Training. 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,350. $3.20 shipping. These types of machine are mostly used in knitted garment sewing for overedge stitch. Customizable. Used Garments Machinery Business Requirements: <<<
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