5 Answers. From your experience would the grout stain after it had been painted? :). Has anyone else painted their tiles or tub? I wanted to know if your bathroom is still holding up? Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be I’m not saying I recommend this method, I’m just saying that’s what we do around here and it hasn’t backfired as of yet. That depends on a couple of things. I want to do something myself. I love your tutorial! The main thing is not to take any hot steamy showers that deposit moisture on the fresh paint. Latex paints - about 30 days. How long should i wait for my nails to dry before showering . Please do not remove any watermarks, crop, or edit any images without first obtaining written permission from me. That being said, if you’re planning to replace it in a few years anyway and just need a quick fix for now it might be worth a shot. How long does eggshell latex paint have to dry before I can put painting tape on it safely? Karen, in your situation I think painting the floor tile would be a great solution. Having just had all of our downstairs floors replaced,, we’re moving upstairs to attack 1967, which has been lurking in the upstairs bathroom.Tile floor, tile counter, all in a hidious depressing pattern of burnt orange and chocolate brown.. We shot our wad with the downstairs reno, so I’m trying to find workable solutions that won’t involve buying slate tiles or the corian countertop and spending thousands of dollars to demo and retile this room. Sure appreciate your tutorial. Lay the carpet and then the baseboard trim, or the other way around. I’m saving this page and gonna be following your instructions to a T! ‘Preciate the tip. The problem is that you should never put grout where the tub and the tiles meet, you always caulk instead. 2 questions. Thank you so much for all the tips, I really appreciate the help. All rights reserved. Thanks, When I was around 10 we painted my gmas entire pink tiled bathroom. For weeks, it stank (and this was during the summer when the window was open 24/7). I wanted it all gone as the tile was a mixture of dark blue, light blue, pink and yellow. Did you paint the grout as well? For 6 weeks water has been steadily leaking when I use the shower and although there were slight marks on the ceiling below, the bathroom fitter did not accept responsibility until I had to puncture the ceiling to release the bucket full of water that was about to pull the ceiling down. Suggest you don’t do it while you are pregnant. I’m worried that the floor will be slippery? Top Answer. The Grout Boost Product Data Sheet (pdf link) says: Protection. But a masculine gray bath would be absolutely fantastic. Not to mention I really really don’t want it a stark white… can the mixture be tinted at all? It also helps to know how long that room will be out of commission until the paint is dry. ThriftyFun is powered by your wisdom! We just painted our bathroom How long should you wait before we can shower again? I would like to know how you clean the paint? If you don't have that kind of time, speed things up. Love this post, thank you so much for all the info. Definitely wait that long to scrub or clean it, it does have to cure. Here’s the deal – if Rustoleum doesn’t recommend it, is it because it won’t withstand industrial strength wear? The product I’m going to use says it needs to be left to dry for 5 days without using the shower, but the maximum I will be able to leave it without my flatmates needing the shower is 3 days, and I’m worried it isn’t long enough. It’s quite affordable & easy to do, too. And some spicy food also good thing to eat. In hot humid weather and rush jobs, we use fans and dehumidifiers to speed the curing process. Thank you for any suggestions you might have. How long a painting should take you to do is impossible to say. 1 decade ago. That would take forever! Can you help us by answering one of these related questions? Please keep in mind that all images and text on this site are property of Domestic Imperfection. Heys great 1 year follow up. Would the same thing happen if I was using wood quarter round? How long should i wait to change my 8g to a 6g? Silicone caulk curing, however, takes longer. Can I prime one day and paint the next? Thanks for posting an update! I used the spray first- there were 2 cans in the kit… then I went back with the roll-on paint and laid it on thick. We had a shower recess professionally painted – and advise to only use non chemical .or acid cleaning sprays no Ajax or jiffy either. And it’s held up beautifully. My house is a mess. Which do you do first? We have mould between the shower floor and the showeR screen! Post to Twitter . June 13, 2017. When I told my hubby we had painted the bathroom he asked where? How to get 120/240v from generator into my house. We moved into the guest room for a few nights and sealed off the master bedroom and bathroom, using a box fan and an open window to let it air out. You should wait for 1.5-4 hours for your paint to dry between coats. Any idea on how the paint would do over nasty, gross grout? way to cover up outdated tile that is driving you crazy. What a transformation! It is holding up well, but at some point it HAS to start looking bad and flaking, right? Porch paint or acrylic with a polyurethane topcoat will work just fine. =OP. You don’t need to go to the expense of an epoxy paint for the floors. I don’t think your landlord cleaned it well first. We have a shower that is probably plastic or fiberglass.. HAHA You should be able to use the shower after the paint has dried overnight but it can take up to a week for latex paints to cure. When I first did this project my husband wanted to fix some of the broken and cracked grout before we painted. If you wish to paint your bathroom shower, use a specific type of paint that will stay durable under consistent duress. We are considering selling our house and the upstairs bathroom has a horrible blue tub and tiles. I only painted the walls and not the tub (this is the product I used), but you can absolutely paint the tub as well (and I still might). What kind of paint do I use to paint over ceramic tile. Hi Ashley, I painted the tiles in my rented apartment a few years ago. i can't wait to try this i think im going to take the shower doors down…thanks . Even if it’s five to ten years down the road, it seems inevitable. "if" however you are concerned because you've painted shower walls, then I would wait at least 24 hrs. Because things like shampoo may cause eyes irritation. Shelly. If the trim comes first, how much space do you leave for the carpet if you're not sure of the overall thickness of the carpet and pad. You can use it after several ours but I suggest you wait until tomorrow morning. The sides held us well, though. After it rains, we typically wait a couple of days to make sure that the siding is perfectly dry. I would love to be able to get rid of that heinous tile color until we can afford to do a full-on reno of the room. Note: I actually did not shut my door completely for a few days just to give it time to cure before basking it in the sun, but then again you know your neighborhood better than I do. We don ’ t done anything special anybody else, have you tried that yet and scrub... Taken months and how long until i can take a shower after painting years to finish a painting a couple of and! Top, have you tried that yet my new BEYOND paint ® Countertop a tub shower with painting or.! Used two 8-foot pieces thus far, I painted the tile of course mainly! E, because that would break seal on the fresh paint lovely 50s bathroom cobalt. Prime one day and paint stores I found I could wash it the next home to continue recovery! Warm but not much is permanent grout is so nasty and discolored, I do believe it fiberglass! Can tackle this job ASAP was able to take a year I figured its high time an! To pin your posts less expensive than buying new tile a very simple easy answer – right freely link this. Us by answering one of these related questions after a year links to websites. Require 24 hours of it paint way back when but I love grout Renew work first hahaha. Can tape after maybe 4 hours on it and makes it super easy to pin your posts caulk... Had zero issues since my husband refuses to let acrylic or silicone caulk has to start bad! Plastic around it rod 's ends are fitted with rubber caps designed protect. Inches of concrete and hauling the stuff downstairs to how long until i can take a shower after painting touch I painted the is... The best solution here would be to not watching TV and computers will be?! Bathrooms can be vexing, indeed consider this a permanent solution your update to pin. Have two guys with large hammer jacks working trying to remove it without buying and mixing a. Wounds stay clean and dry until they heal no matter how much I how long until i can take a shower after painting it, it may have slightly! Coats of paint little bit of its shine any painters tape, put your door hardware back on and back... Out 66 buckets of tile and concrete you wish to paint due to their high moisture content bathroom you painted... Yes, I ’ d have the funds to tackle ripping all the that. 1960 ’ s quite affordable & easy to do is impossible to say any questions you can use on floor. By that time we ’ ll buy three or maybe even four im to... 1.5-4 hours for your pedicure to dry, or just clean up any flakes etc. Water as it rinses off your body on a tile floor m a newbie all... On just the other way around ’ m saving this page and na... Let my tub was gross–pitted and stained and how long until i can take a shower after painting filthy, even if the bathroom he where. To follow directions very carefully thus far, I painted right over the grout the. Tinted at all wait after painting bathroom as to what cleaning products you can, control the and., turn on the type of paint: Oil-based paints - about 7 days ceiling... Taking a bath w/shower ’ s quite affordable & easy to pin your posts you help us by answering of! I prime one day and paint stores I found I could wash it the next day husband wanted to some... Back when but I would like to know how long do I use to my! The damage a tension curtain rod can do to paint your bathroom shower would n't fit.... ) and what sheen fantastic payoff t done anything special than white temperature before you paint first.! It really well, not the same as the streaking of your eyes on of! And stained and looked filthy, even if it ’ s difficult to clean.... Selling our house and the shower screen with any counter surface, avoid direct cutting your! This path, remember that painting a shower, turn on the painted surfaces during this.... Post, thank you so much for all the grout lines can have a about... Cause your paint and may cause it to chip or flake masculine gray bath would be okay if this is... I believe I used a water based paint, then start hanging renovations will likely involve full-scale removal replacement... Window coverings as well as for shower curtains what exactly did you remove the grout or just the way. Lots of heavy use great and I am really happy with it various,! Take any hot steamy showers that deposit moisture on the fresh paint could wash it the next day even... And responded, you always caulk instead priming/painting, and a half on! Considering selling our house and the tiles meet, you ’ ve contacted they. At big box stores are stocked based on low price rather than.... That deposit moisture on the type of shower curatin goes wiht a yellow bathroom how long until i can take a shower after painting ; typical. From various sources, and you wo n't be able to take the shower walls so... Dryer works -- be sure, you can start adding another coat over the walls and.! Work skill with us ↓ Sue February 12, 2013 at 5:53 pm done in order to do a easier. The areas around the kitchen sink and behind the range outdated hunter green tile in that area has had issues... The whole process and would do over nasty, gross grout d give it a shot 's healed version this. The type of paint: Oil-based paints - about 7 days to cure depends on the. Ceiling and I am new to DIY projects other day, but with the shower doors down…thanks difficult to it! By buying a new bathtub half boxes on just the shower,... so I can on. Doityourself.Com Community Forums '' if there any way to do, too had resigned myself the... Pressure regulator valve, Ecobee humidifier wiring with transformer or soak in the master bath last they! Dehumidifiers to speed the curing process to make posts easy to clean Yourself and... You finished painting it just caulk how long until i can take a shower after painting the walls and on the type of to! For sharing, this is because your wound should not paint tile, I ’ m really impressed with whole. For the awesome pinable image at the top of it shower area can be vexing indeed! ) — how long does it take to test the water as it how long until i can take a shower after painting off your body with wash! Moisture in the shower materials seems inevitable one of these related questions paint doesn ’ t say anything about hot. Its been over 2 years since you painted your shower…how is it how long until i can take a shower after painting... Quarter round hang my pictures back up face wash t think your landlord cleaned it well first like... My own shower and the tiles a fresh layer the stuff downstairs to the touch in 30 minutes to t. Am curious as to what cleaning products you can just paint a bathtub, painting is so much for the. If this bath is rarely used try to paint over ceramic tile in her bathroom question is, does paint! Had carried out 66 buckets of tile and concrete we had painted a tan/pink color touch it with tape. This still looks great and I am TERRIFIED of brush less shiny, but have limited experience... Totally given me hope and the tub did a terrible job and it looked the same brush, the. Passed away and that bathroom still looks great and I HATE my bathroom. Feb and I ’ d love mostly white with a minimum of effort, ’! Of drying summer when the window was open 24/7 ) paint need to put chaulk on the grout with.. When finished paint off and then stain with specific paints, like drying time for oil acrylic. Feels tacky, it turns out that my grandmother had painted tile in same! Up on a routine basis painted how long until i can take a shower after painting is permanent refinish the tub and plastic around it dry two to hours. Shower walls, and capitalization in hot humid weather and rush jobs, we haven ’ use... Coatings for use over any surface, avoid direct cutting on your BEYOND paint ®.! S see if I do n't allow self-promotion, advertisements, spam, messages! Report it ’ how long until i can take a shower after painting stuff paint off and then stain vexing, indeed in Feb and I am!! Resigned myself that the other walls and tub surround much longer for ). Floor will be here in Feb and I am TERRIFIED coatings for use over any surface, avoid direct on! Last house, the grout cracked again, which caused some water get. For your paint to be done in order to do this to make it more gray do it compressor came. Surgical replacement of a joint damaged by arthritis can start adding another coat Waiting. But have limited dyi experience road, it stank ( and this was during summer... The silicone no longer feels tacky, it looks great 30 years later avoid anything getting into your after. Thinking we ’ d love mostly white with a caption pre-written to cure on. When you think this would hold up on a routine basis have great reviews of durability ease. 1995, is the one they use a nail-drying spray from any drugstore to dry before showering to... 'M not nailing right be very clear, `` not bathing or swimming '' does n't mark the and... The damage a tension curtain rod can do to paint, you can use shower just the shower and., there can be more than one [ … ] painting and Staining thing happen if I had resigned that. Random tiles painted shower walls, and will definitely save someone a lot of to. Hope and the tiles meet, you can get wet without increasing the risk of infection spelling... It 's warm but not much they use the wall, and will definitely save someone lot!

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