Clear acrylic glass which can be mirror engraved and infilled with colour. The materials that the laser can cut materials like wood, paper, cork, and some kinds The laser is a highly flexible tool: Everything is possible, from prototype construction through to series production. Here's a great tip, order TroLase ADA signage with self-adhesive film applied to the back. However, there are certain mat Laser safe acrylic is durable, scratch resistant with excellent optical clarity. Laser Foil Roll is a permanent bond PVC free foil that allows decals and stencils to come to life by adding colour and flare to your pro- This polypropylene based roll of Chalkboard Sticker has been specially designed to be laser safe and easy to process. It comes with an adhesive backing and is UV stable, making it suitable for a wide range of applications where efficiency in processing and quality of results are high priority. These engraving acrylic sheets have a perfect light transmission and a high resistance to external agents, are UV-stable and weatherproof. We know our rubbers and delrin since Trotec is part of Trodat Stamps, which revolutionized stamp making with over 100 years of experience. TroLase Metallic is an acrylic-based laminate with a genuine metallic finish. TroLase Textures are two-layer acrylic based materials, it is best used for applications in tough environments, where extra scratch resistance and durability are required. Typical applications include signage, shop fittings, gifts, decorations and all applications fit for a baby shower. Proper ventilation is required, but as long as you have good air assist, flames are not a problem ... (EVA copolymer) so yes, it's safe to cut. Anodized aluminum is suitable for engraving both with a CO2 laser and with mechanical engraving devices. Our plywood panels made from softwood are perfect for laser marking or engraving and available in different sizes. Installation PrerequesitesJobControl 11.4*; Speedy Family supported; Windows 10; Internet Access during installation*Please note that Upgrades from versions lower 10.x require a new license key and are not free of charge. It is especially suitable for sophisticated applications through combination of printing and laser cutting applications, offering new possibilities in the field of visual communication. This cork can be used to create bulletin boards, coasters, gasket applications MDF fiber board panels with perfect laser cutting characteristics thanks to a high surface quality and homogenous fiber structure. > Do not open the lid as soon as the cutting finishes - the … Freilingerstr. Laser Marking Compounds are available as a paste, spray or tape.The most convenient method is to apply it using a spray can. A simple cap holder is applied together with the sign using a standard screw. This allows you to easily mount letters cut-out from the material plate on base plate or walls. Sanded smooth and semi-matt varnished, they are suitable for a wide range of applications. The high fibre density allow for great results even in fine-detail laser cutting. The solid cap offers a highly durable and scratch resistant surface. A sanded, matte and varnished surface offers an authentic high quality appearance and durability. TroPly 's preeminent feature is its thin foiled surface which will enable you to produce intricate details swiftly without shadow effects. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date. The laser does not exert any pressure on the foam during the process, clamping or any other type of fixation is therefore not required. This week we're laser cutting foam to create foam inserts forour industrial tools. TroPly HiGloss is highly polished, lustrous in colour and UV stable, suited to both internal and external applications. The Digital Print Series line is developed and designed for printing with UV & LED Curing Inks. Brass coated steel offers the finished look of brass at an economical price. Foam is used for suitcase inserts or padding, and for seals. With a reflection free finish it is an ideal choice for an array of interior applications, particularly when a high degree of detail is required. Classes may include up to 9 people, all of whom will be granted a direct line of contact with our Academy instructor for any follow-up questions or concerns. The black foam you’re looking at is a material called EVA. Being suitable for digital printing and laser cutting, SMART-X® is a lightweight, all-plastic foam board. Cut just inside of the mark or even 1/4″ so the foam is a snug fit after. simple industrial metal plates and tags. The cloud-based material database guarantees the best laser results. And the heat of co2 laser will seal the edge when cutting and engraving so the edge is clean and smooth which you do not have to reprocess it. We offer a wide range of Brass Ornamental Plates, Split Rings, Brass Tags (with holes), Ball Chain and S Hooks. Laser processing these materials creates dangerous gases or dust. Digital to the core. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. As with all materials thicker than 10mm we use a longer focus lens to help the laser maintain a clean cut. Brass-coated stainless steel. Trotec offers engravable plastic sheet products that are also print receptive. Wall distance holders are made of solid stainless steel for durability and long-lasting quality appearance. Aluminum sheets allow for laser marking and engraving to a bright silver finish. Speedy series: Laser engraving and cutting machines for formats up to 1016 x 610 mm. TroGlass Glitter is a cast acrylic that is mixed with glitter particles. The frosted surface, combined with the intrinsic hardness of cast acrylic, allows applications where higher material strength and robustness are required. It has a rigidity and quality that allows it to hold its form when laser cut and engraved.À***Thickness may vary by a few mm***, Smart-X is a lightweight, all plastic sheet material with surfaces of UV and weather resistant solid polystyrene (HIPS). Especially the high precision and flexibility are crucial arguments for laser systems. Coated black aluminium for laser marking in white. Products that use laser energy come in many sizes, shapes and forms. The metal marking compounds produce permanent black markings, which are highly resistant to mechanical and chemical stresses as well as high temperatures. The Scratch Resistant (SR) materials encompasses a clear top coat adding protection against scuffing, fingerprints and scratches. TroPly Satins is supplied as standard with a brushed finish. Precise foam cutting with Trotec laser cutters. These beautiful metal business/membership cards will stand out in every situation. TroGlass Mirror is the perfect alternative for glass. With a laser beam, worries of distortion or warping disappear thanks to the flexible application of the laser foam-cutting machine. Information Description. HOWEVER, the … © Trotec Laser 2020 - All rights reserved. Foams made of polyester (PES), polyethylene (PE) or polyurethane (PUR) are well suited for laser cutting, laser engraving and laser marking. The “Night and Day” color variation allows for a change in color from black to bright when being backlighted in the dark. A 2 ply, scratch resistant acrylic based material is durable in demanding environments. B Many wowoods 1/4" Avoid oily/resinous woods Be fully on trend with TroGlass Pastel – a fresh and lively pastel colored cast acrylic glass. systems, laser cutters are normally a low-risk, Class 1 lasers in accordance with ANSI Z136.1 Safe Use of Lasers. Self-explanatory. At the same time they provide the physical benefits of acrylic such as being formable, UV-stable and hard-wearing. LaserPaper Synthetic is polyester based and combines maximum strength and durability with excellent laser cutting properties. TroGlitter is easy to cut and can also be engraved. Brush application is appropriate whenever the entire surface can be coated with a single brush stroke. Highly polished and lustrous in colour, the thick cap offers resistance to abrasion. Ways you can help this channel grow! There is a product called Kaizen Foam sold by Fast Cap (888) 443-3748 that is specifically made for this use, custom fitting items into a container. Thin two layer micro surfaced coated acrylic with adhesive background. For examples of materials I love to use, check out my list of favorite things, including materials and some places to buy them! If class and durability are part of your customer’s objectives, let them leave behind a card that is unique in recalling those attributes. TroLase Reverse comprises of a transparent acrylic fascia with a coloured coating on the reverse side. Due to its low weight and easy processing, TroCraft Eco is a perfect option for interior design, model making or product and industrial design. TroGlass Mirror is the perfect alternative to real glass because they are lighter and have a higher breakage resistance than glass, which means the material has a lower risk of falling and breaking when attached to a wall. The metal is made from a combination of copper and zinc, it can be oxidized to produce rich black text. Braille Rasters and Braille Cutters are available from Trotec Laser Canada to meet the needs of your rotary engraving machines. TroLase Metallic & Scratch Resistant (SR) buy here, Steel, Nickel & Sublimation Metals buy here, Engraving Cutters & Diamond Tools buy here. Foam cutting with a laser machine will produce cleanly fused and sealed edges. If you have an account with us, please log in. Laser classes Lasers are classified for safety purposes based on their potential for causing injury to humans’ eyes and skin. A single ply material perfect for tactile applications including braille signage. Ceramic based foam is not usually cut with a laser because it is very brittle and can crack. Bijna alle soorten schuim kunnen wij bewerken met onze lasersnijder. TroLase Thins are extremely flexible and ideally suited to applications on curved surfaces. The image contrast is caused by the removal of the coloured coating and near-photographic qualities can be achieved. It has a higher resistance to breakage and is light. Delrin is a laser engraving material used for the production of seal plates. A laser beam is the ideal tool for cutting foam. 2. The seamless workflow starts with the design and continues through preparation and production. Alternative sizes and fixing options offer a wide range of sign- and mounting options. TroGlass Color Gloss is a cast acrylic glass, both material sides have a glossy finish. CO 2 laser cutter are ideally suitable for the cutting and marking of polyethylene foils. The laser cut produces polished cutting edges and inner contours, no additional post-processing of the material is required. There's never been a better way to try out new Trotec products. An extensive colour range enables co-ordinated interior and exterior signage. Made from pure cellulose fiber, TroCraft Eco is a fully biodegradable material, completely additive and emission-free. Engrave designs on the front or even reverse engrave for a different finish! The thicker cap increases protection providing an ideal solution for harsh environments or external professional signage and directories. They are very easy to work with, when laser cut, the product has elegant, polished edges. PolyPropylene Foam Catches fire Like PolyStyrene, it melts, catches fire, and the melted drops continue to burn and turn into rock-hard drips and pebbles. Acrylic paints are optimal for colour filling engraved plastics to allow for multi coloured artwork. AlumaMark allows one to create black, positive marks on silver, gold, bronze, brass or colored backgrounds. You can work directly from the design program, which is very important especially in the area of rapid prototyping. It is never 100% 90 degrees to the material surface. They're also UV printable, environmentally friendly, and keep up to 500 ml of liquid hot or cold for an additional 12 hours. TroLase Lights Premium also allows for special editing options, such as kiss-cutting, to simplify the work process. TroGlass Frosted is a heavy-duty cast acrylic glass with a matte, roughly structured surface on both sides (“sandblasted finish”), and this allows an anti-reflex surface. With a double walled stainless steel construction and beautiful glossy finish, these bottles offer high quality CO2 engraving, even when your design is highly detailed! Easy clean and perfecf for signage. Whether or not it's prone to flaring up and needs careful watching is a different story. These compounds can be used to allow easier marking and higher contrast marks with a CO2 laser. With a thin foiled surface, intricate details can be produced quickly. laser safe plastic laminates bamboo products cork felt ... granite (engrave only) slate (engrave only) polycarbonates thicker than 1mm foam foamcore styrene PVC vinyl polystyrene foam polypropylene foam ... We courier your laser cutting daily to Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, Canberra and … The textured, matte surface is non-reflective, strong and easy to clean.TroLase Textures are UV- and weather-resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. TroGlass Pastel has all the best physical properties of cast acrylic sheets. PolyStyrene Foam Catches fire It catches fire quickly, burns rapidly, it melts, and only thin pieces cut. Through preplanning and collaboration with our customers, Trotec Academy training can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Metallic effect laminate with a scratch resistant top coating. Our customer service representatives will notify you once the account has been activated. This is the #1 material that causes laser fires!!! These laser engravable sheets are pre-treated for superior ink adhesion. Attach the Laser PRO toolheadto your machine and we’ll teach you what you can do with EVA. A fine grain composition cork suitable for many different applications If your knife has a dull tip, start the cut with a sharp knife. The transparent, fluorescent and translucent colors offer constant light transmission superior to similar glass colors. A matt clear acrylic over a rich colour for reverse engraving. TroLase ADA Signage is a dyed, single-layer, acrylic based material.It is great for signage in indoor and outdoor areas. A transfer film perfect for customising textiles with even the finest of detail. Benefiting from a thin top layer it enables detailed engraving at high production speeds. Material Safety and your Laser While nearly any material you put into your engraving system will contain and or release some sort of residue or debris, generally speaking, most materials are safe to use in your system. Our laserable acrylic sheets are easy to work with and UV-stable and weatherproof. Laser Rubber has an excellent engraving and impression quality and can be engraved particularly quickly. Firm, closed-cell foam mostly used for packaging, lettering, product spacing and shock absorption. As it cuts in a non-contact way, so there will not have damage or deformation on the foam. Available in five luxurious finishes our solid wood panels are ideally suited for the requirements of laser processing. A glossy finish with clear acrylic glass with coloured backing layers for reverse engraving. Safe Materials The materials that the laser can cut, are materials like wood, paper, cork, and some kinds of plastics. All products have a matte, anti-reflective surface. SMART-X® is made from 100% polystyrene (no adhesive between core and cover layers). LaserPaper Synthetic is polyester based and combines maximum strength and durability with excellent laser cutting properties. EVA stands for ethylene-vinyl acetate and it’s a copolymer. Unlike other laser markable products, AlumaMark is not etched or engraved, but is actually imaged by the heat of the CO2 laser. TroGlass Color Gloss features all advantages of cast acrylic, especially in terms of impact resistance, light diffusion and handling capabilities. Epoxy burn / smoke Keep your leftover pieces so you can fill up the foam and use as a solid layer. The lively pastel colors have outstanding physical properties and are lightweight. Detailed engravings can be done easily with its thin surface. PolyStyrene Foam or PolyPropylene Foam (not to be confused with EVA foam, which is laser safe) I hope this information about what is and isn’t safe to laser is helpful! The perfect solution for harsh environments with a thicker non-glare cap. The protective anodized coating remains intact during laser processing. The laserable and engravable MDF fiber board panels feature a high surface quality and homogenous fibre structure. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Lightweight and durable, perfect for face masks and personal protective shields, Highly flexible and robust, this adhesive material is perfect for labelling for both industry and commerce. Cutting Material Max thickness Notes WARNINGS! The authentic metallic finish makes it an ideal material for trophies, plates and signage. SP series: CO2 laser cutter for large-format materials. The lustre of real metal with a thin top layer for fine line details. Temperature resistance from -10°C up to +70°C. Our line of cork sheet material for laser engraving and cutting comes in four thicknesses: 0.8mm, 1.5mm, 3mm, 6mm. TroLase is a UV-resistant acrylic-based laminate for applications that are both indoor and outdoor . Pre-packaged with coloured chalk and a powerful adhesive backing, it can be effortlessly applied to a multitude of creative, reusable applications. 994614 Marchtrenk, Austria. Coated aluminium in different colors for laser marking in black. that can be used around the house, office or industrial environment. The tape, however, is a particularly clean solution for smaller areas. TroGlass Frosted is a heavy-duty cast acrylic glass with a matte, roughly structured surface on both sides (“sandblasted finish”). It is extremely versatile, with one glossy side and one matte side, and is color stable with no bleaching or fading. TroGlass Glitter offers massive opportunities for creative minds and designers, they can explore many different and interesting new visual effects. Etching can be done on almost anything, wood, cardboard, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, marble, stone, tile, and glass. Aluminum with coloured anodic coatings for laser and mechanical engraving. WIth accurate bass and a great dynamic range, these Stereo Headphones are constructed from non toxic, flexible but tough BPA free foam Included is an extension pad to adjust to your growing childs head. Stainless Steel can be rotary engraved and the unlacquered steel is ideal for engraving with the Cermark product line. This saves time and money during the preparation of the material. They are ideal for masks, face shields and similar PPE applications. A great way to customize t-shirts and fabric bags and is recommended for cotton, polyester and blended fabrics. Rubber and foam are ideal to be processed by laser. Whether for an individual or group, online or in-person, our experienced staff is happy to work with you on: - How to engrave and/or cut on a Trotec Laser, - How to design and optimize files for laser (available across multiple design platforms), - Workflow tips for application optimization, - Custom training to suit your specific application. The core materials is made of modified impact acrylic makes it the perfect product for the combination of printing, laser engraving and laser cutting. A Safe Laser 500 Infra infravörös (808nm-es) fénye sokkal mélyebb rétegekben nyelődik el, mint a piros fényű lézereké (biológiai hatása akár 8 cm mélységben is érvényesül), így kiválóan használható pl. Resistant to weathering, salt water, chemicals and high temperatures, it conforms to various industry and military standards including MIL-STD 130N, A-A-50271 (MIL-P-514D) and MIL-STD-15024F, Type L. Engraved, it produces an “A” grade high resolution White metallic contrast suited to bar coding and graphics. It is all a consistent material with no outer protection or paper. A laser foam-cutter fitted with a filter system will not emit carbon dioxide into the air. Premium Leaded Brass has a small amount of lead and a much higher copper to zinc ratio which makes it easier to engrave and oxidize to a truer black. By creating an account with our store, you will be able to move through the checkout process faster, store multiple shipping addresses, view and track your orders in your account and more. This allows high light transmission and strong light diffusion while typical “spot effects” of LED lights are eliminated. Cast acrylic glass with a particularly pleasant and elegant appearance due to a satin surface on both material sides. This is the typical foam board you will find at your local hobby store. Marking area up to 44.1 x 25.0 inch. EVA foam is characterised with very low water absorption, softness, and good shock absorption. It will be listed either in Arabic numerals (1 2, 3R, 3B, 4) or in Roman numerals (I, II, IIIa, IIIb, IV). Expanded polyethylene (aka polyethylene foam) is one of the most popular foams used in the industrial sector, due to its lightness, insulating properties and resistance. No. Laser Engraving of Foam The power of the laser beam can be limited so that it removes material (engraves) to a specified depth. It comes in sheets 2'x4', in Black or White, or a "sandwich" of both colors. Both engraving sheet sides have a satin surface that gives an elegant and soft feeling and appearance. TroGlass Reverse is a transparent, cast gloss acrylic with a coloured coating on the reverse side. Our laserable and engravable veneered wood is supplied with a formaldehyde free fiber board core with real wood laminated on either side. As it is a school laser cutter, I would assume that health and safety have been properly dealt with regarding ventilation and filtration of fumes, but there are a couple of things it is easy to forget: > Switch the ventilation on before you start cutting, or fumes will build up inside the cutter, and start depositing icky stuff on lenses and mirrors. They can also work great for Toolbox foam shadowing service for 5s and tool control applications. TroPly Metallic Plus has the added advantage of a clear seal application which creates a highly durable scratch resistant laminate maintaining the elegance of gold and silver, also highly suited to personal identification. TroGlass Mirror is an extruded acrylic glass with a reflective surface. Create graphic, photo and text elements. You can cut out letters or create 3D signs by mounting cut-out shapes on a base plate. It is especially suitable for sophisticated applications through combination of printing and laser cutting applications, offering new possibilities in the field of visual communication. This LaserPaper is available in a variety of different shades and thicknesses.Cutting this paper with a laser allows for filigree patterns and fine details to be created without any burn marks. Thin and flexible, perfect for applying to curved surfaces. Cast acrylic glass with a glossy finish, available in a variety of different colors and grades of transparency. Go 90 degrees, especially if you plan on flipping the foam over. Compared to the complex water jet cutting process, the laser is significantly faster, more flexible and more efficient. Polyurethane is also used for foils and textiles , in particular for technical applications. This combination allows for applications where the look, feel and processing characteristics of wood are combined with the flexibility and printing characteristics of heavy paper. Apart from these, laser cut foam is also used for artistic applications, such as souvenirs or photo frames, for example. Available in five luxurious finishes our solid wood panels are ideally suited for laser processing. When the DMS evaluates whether a material is suitable for use in our lasers, we typically look at four factors: WARNING: Because many plastics are dangerous to cut, it is important to know what kind you are planning to use. TroGlass Metallics feature all advantages of cast acrylic, especially in terms of impact resistance, light diffusion and handling capabilities. ArmorCore combines the elements of the easy to use TroLase with the UV stability and durability of an acrylic cap in one laserable material.The satin finish also allows laser users to reproduce old signs created with traditional non-laserable satin plastic. It is very lightweight and easy to cut, providing an economical solution for industrial applications and the awards industry. Foam is used for suitcase inserts or padding, and for seals. This 4 lbs polyethylene foam is a firm, closed-cell foam mostly used for packaging, lettering, product spacing and shock absorption. Thicker acrylic has a slightly different appearance than thinner acrylics where the pulsing of the laser is more evident. Film materials suitable for laser cutting: Polyester (PES)Polyethylene (PE)Polyurethane (PUR). Sublimation white gloss covered aluminum. Our engravable and laserable veneered wood panels are suitable for a wide range of applications. A thick cap offers resistance to abrasion and whilst suited to mechanical engraving, its modified acrylic composition enables the added advantage of being able to cut intricate shapes using a laser. DuraBlack® is a CO2 laserable matt Black non-reflective aluminium benefiting from an urethane protective top coat. În perioada de tratament faza de vindecare s-a redus semnificativ și cazuri cronice, care nu au putut fi influențate, sau doar foarte puțin, au fost mult îmbunătățite.În multe cazuri, tratamentul medicamentos a fost redus semnificativ sau chiar abandonat.” Here are the foam products we are going to test: 1.

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